Telehealth Spotlight

Telehealth Thought Leaders Address the Field’s Toughest Barriers in iHealthBeat Audio Report

Mario Gutierrez joined iHealthBeat and other leading telehealth supporters for a thoughtful discussion on the barriers that keep telehealth from providing the best possible care. The audio report and PDF transcript of the report can be found here.

Reporting on Health: In a World of Scarce Providers, What’s Stopping Telehealth?

What is stopping telehealth: is it policy barriers, absent guidelines, a lack of commitment from the health care system, or something else? Erica Mu’s article to explore this question features an interview with CCHP executive director Mario Gutierrez, as well as quotes from his presentation at the AHCJ Rural Health Journalism Workshop. Read on here.

TRC Consortium Responds to FSMB Model Guidelines

The "Federation of State Medical Boards Model Telemedicine Guidelines" fact sheet, another collaborative effort of the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers, reviews the FSMB's SMART Workgroup's suggestions for telehealth concepts, principles, and definitions that California and other individual states may choose to utilize.

Previous collaborative projects include the “Telehealth Definition Framework” and “HIPAA and Telehealth” fact sheets.

New Standards of Practice for California Occupational Therapists

The California Board of Occupational Therapy's "Standards of Practice for Telehealth," effective April 1st, will:

  • Clarify regulations for telehealth-delivered services that occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are already expected to adhere to during in-person services; 
  • Direct occupational therapists to determine whether an in-person evaluation or intervention is necessary prior to providing telehealth-delivered services.

CCHP's fact sheet offers an overview of the new standards of practices, and an analysis of the expected impacts on telehealth.

At the Center

Come See CCHP at the American Telemedicine Association's Fall Forum!

CCHP will be exhibiting at the American Telemedicine Association’s Fall Forum.  The Forum will run September 6-9, 2014 in Palm Springs, CA.  Come say hello to the CCHP team at the exhibitor’s hall; see what services CCHP provides and get your telehealth policy questions answered.  Follow this link for a quick view of the full ATA Fall Forum program schedule.

CCHP Director Explores Digital Health Reimbursement at World Congress

Join CCHP executive director Mario Gutierrez at the World Congress mHealth + Telehealth World conference on July 22nd in Boston, MA. More information about the conference and Mario's presentation, "Understanding Reimbursement for Digital Health Practices," is available at the World Congress event page.

CCHP Executive Director Featured at TexLa Telehealth Summit

TexLa Telehealth Resource Center welcomed CCHP’s Mario Gutierrez as a guest presenter for their annual telehealth summit, “Assistance at a Distance,” June 23-25 in Galveston, Texas. Mario presented an in-depth examination of telehealth policies in Texas and Louisiana, focusing on how each state’s unique policy features affect how telehealth can be practiced. 

Both CCHP and TexLa TRC are members of the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers.

CCHP Executive Director Talked Telehealth with Association of Health Care Journalists 

CCHP’s Mario Gutierrez presented to AHCJ’s Rural Health Journalism Workshop on June 5th in Portland, Oregon. He and his co-presenter, Dr. Miles Ellenby of Oregon Health and Sciences University. reviewed:

  • The health victories that telehealth can accomplish;
  • Where (and why) telehealth is not used as effectively as it could be;
  • The policies and practices that hold back telehealth; and
  • What can be done to make telehealth work for health improvement.

Conference attendees: please enjoy this packet of fact sheets on key federal telehealth policy.